Advanced Planning & Scheduling

The market requirements for manufacturers are changing dramatically. Companies must evolve the way they run their value chain, with a focus on better integration.

In order to stay competitive, companies must change the way they run their value chain, with the focus on better integration. Effective planning, resource optimization and a fast response to customer requirements are key to remaining competitive.

Internet, Mobile Computers and Cloud Computing will change industrial processes. Products and machines will exchange information autonomously. With "Industry 4.0" production will be more individual, more flexible and faster. To remain competitive it will be important for companies to tap the potential of technological improvements.

TXT Perform Advanced Planning & Scheduling is a configurable, modular solution that supports End-To-End Planning from sales to the production processes. It combines APS/MES with Master Planning, Procurement/Warehouse/Sales and Process Control, providing a complete solution for manufacturing companies.


Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • Master

    TXT Perform Master Planning is a configurable tool in which user-defined indicators will be merged into a single planning view. Relevant information can be entered and data coming from the system can be reviewed, such as forecast data from S&OP which can be matched against operational data coming from APS, MES and ERP modules. The input for these areas, such as Production Orders, can be created by Master Planning. Planning results can be stored in multiple versions allowing 'as-is' comparison and the development of various 'what-if' scenarios.

  • Advanced Planning
    & Scheduling

    TXT Perform automatically generates production orders by calculating net requirements from demand and matching it with the rules and finite constraints of the operational environment. The procurement and production orders can be created based on customer orders, forecasts and planning policies (e.g. safety stock) using different strategies such as make-to-order or make-to-stock. Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOMs) are fully supported. Results can be adjusted to reduce setup, costs and cycle times. Different constraints can be taken into, or out of consideration to simulate multiple scenarios. The output can be evaluated by KPIs and serve as decision support for the planner.

  • Manufacturing

    The Control Station of TXT Perform completes the APS capabilities of the solution with production control. The tool provides the possibility to refine the planning and to intervene as necessary, therefore the production processes are managed faster, efficiently and more flexibly. Order Processing and Production Data Acquisition (PDA) are used to collect feedback on the status of processing, quality of products and information on the current production process. The module order pool provides a software PDA Terminal. The inputs from this PDA Terminal are considered immediately in planning.

Key Functionality

  • Analysis and 'what-if'
  • Budget/Forecast data
  • Automatic Order Creation by different strategies
  • Make-to-Order/Make-to-Stock
  • Optimization of Setup time/Downtime

The Benefits

  • Reduction of manual data entry
  • Visualisation of problems and bottlenecks
  • Prompt reaction to critical situations
  • Reduction of Setup time/Down time
  • Less Inventories