Demand & Trade Promotion Management

Demand Planning is a multi-step operational process which is essential for any company's supply chain to create a reliable forecast.

Effective demand planning will guide users to improve the accuracy of revenue forecasts, align inventory levels with peaks and troughs, and enhance profitability, by determining trends, markets and products of demand and expected sales.

Trade Promotion Management has, over the years, become a complex and somewhat uncoordinated process for many companies, difficult to manage, and therefore it can be challenging for them to understand the success of Trade Promotion investments. Much of the challenge is the result of limited access to the right information. Poor processes make it difficult to predict sales growth via trade promotions, and more importantly the lack of traceability of any return on investment from their trade marketing spend budgets.


Demand & Trade Promotion Management
  • Demand

    To accurately drive your businesses production, inventory and distribution planning, Demand Planning is key. TXT Perform provides the planner with all the tools needed to determine a reliable profile of future demand in relation to past sales data. It combines sophisticated forecasting algorithms, sales data analysis and error measurement techniques, as well as collaborative tools that can take into account the knowledge of all stakeholders combined with market intelligence. In the absence of sales history, innovative tools can generate forecasts for new products based on profiles and attributes, with forecast techniques quickly responding to trends even in volatile environments. Planners can manage the whole process of generating and verifying forecasts naturally and intuitively.

  • Trade Promotion

    TXT Perform Trade Promotion Management module enables businesses to drive and increase profitability through their trade marketing streams and ensuring that promotional investments deliver a true ROI. The system covers the entire lifecycle of promotions, pre-evaluation, financial simulation, approval and validation workflow, in-flight promotion performance tracking with ability to re-plan as and when required. TXT Perform Trade Promotion Management integrates into other business systems such as ERP and forecast/planning systems, giving organisations simplified invoice reconciliation and full post - promotional analysis.

Key Functionality

  • Multi-level, best fit statistical Forecasting
  • Seasonal profiling, trends and cycles
  • Curve based 'profile' Forecasting
  • Placeholder and new product introduction
  • Statistical Safety Stock Planning
  • Collaborative Planning
  • Promotion Parameters
  • Post Event Analysis

The Benefits

  • Increased on-time delivery performance
  • Reduced inventory obsolescence
  • Reduced production costs
  • Reductions in Inventory investments
  • Improved Promotional Planning and Profitability
  • Pre promotion evaluation & approval
  • In flight tracking
  • Post promotion evaluation & reconciliation