Distribution & Inventory Optimization

A challenge for every organization is matching its supply volume to customer demand, the amount of inventory held at any one time has an impact not only on customer service levels but on cash available.

It is important for companies to keep inventory levels as low as possible and sell as quickly as practical. Organizations who correctly manage distribution and inventory planning see immediate ROI through reduced stock keeping costs, lower product & material replenishment costs and improved customer service levels.


Distribution & Inventory Optimization
  • Distribution &
    Inventory Optimization

    By optimising all aspects of the Supply Chain, such as Inventory, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Distribution networks, TXT Perform Distribution & Inventory Optimization solution provides a least cost plan for your organization. It is a complete planning platform, aimed at offering a response to companies that need an integrated planning approach to a multi echelon supply chain. It provides a synchronised and feasible supply plan driven directly from forecast/real demand, ensuring your customers' requirements are met at the optimal cost to your organisation.

Key Functionality

  • Single or multi-site environment
  • Multi-site Distribution Planning
  • Multi-tier Replenishment Planning
  • Shelf life constraints
  • Single or multiple recipe management
  • Scenario modelling

The Benefits

  • Increased service level
  • Reduction of costs in the Supply Chain
  • Reduced obsolescence
  • Increased purchasing efficiency
  • Rapid planning response in a volatile environment
  • Understand real impact to your plan