Supply Chain Visibility

The demand for increased agility, price pressures, and the trend towards globalization are supply chain challenges facing all companies.

Increasing internal efficiencies while developing a responsive partner base is crucial to success. Forward thinking organizations are well aware of this and work to realize the full potential that lies in their supply chain: both internally, increasing production efficiencies, and with partners, establishing strategic relationships and joint value.

The TXT Perform solution allows a company and its business partners evolve their supply chain maturity and networks. The solution supports all aspects of communication with partners in one single cloud-based, web and mobile accessible environment: order management, delivery, logistics and quality control.


Supply Chain Visibility
  • Order

    All information regarding orders is exchanged using structured data and processes. Order confirmations are sent automatically giving advice on a delivery date. Each order is attached with a workflow. Suppliers, as well as individuals within the four walls of the customers company can report on the progress of the order along checkpoints. In case of any deviation which is beyond a configurable threshold value, the system generates alert messages (events), allowing authorised users to keep a focus on critical processes and drives towards a Management by Exception approach.

  • Delivery

    Suppliers are able to record booking requests and packing lists, which are transferred to the nominated transportation service provider as well as the selected warehouse. During this process a supplier combines several orders to one delivery, or divides one order between more than one delivery. All article numbers, order numbers, addresses are available within the system, with no need to re-enter data. Thanks to the tracking of the production progress, quantities ready for delivery are already known and full packing lists can be automatically generated. The system can also generate and print barcode labels.

  • Logistic

    Logistic operations are an extensive part of the value chain, particularly for globalised processes, where suppliers, subcontractors and other business partners are located all over the world.
    The solution allows transportation service providers (TSP) to feed in their tracking data, directly from the transportation management system, or manually in the web front-end of the solution.
    Users can speed up any delays by applying several steps, e.g. customs operations, and they can also select faster modes of transportation with full visibility of the time they can save, additional costs or incremental emissions. Different modes of transport (truck, sea, air etc) have special requirements along with international commercial terms these are all considered within the system.

  • Quality

    With unlimited options to choose from, modern consumers expect products and services to be of the highest quality. This increases the importance of quality control, making it a critical capability for any value chain: accurate quality control is essential before, during and after the production process.
    The TXT Perform solution provides all the capabilities to configure, plan, execute and assess the quality of your products and services throughout the production cycle. The solution provides predefined quality control templates, which can be configured according to the requirements of different product areas or steps in the process. Thanks to the solution workflow management capabilities, it’s possible to automatically schedule quality checks on products, orders, deliveries, while executing ‘individual’ or ‘complete’ inspections. The pass-or-fail decision is made by the system based on the quality measures and thresholds initially set. Online or offline, on a laptop or on tablet, quality data and inspections results are accessible throughout the solution. This enables deep analysis by defect classes, product groups, suppliers, and give users the ability to generate and distribute dedicated reports.

Key Functionality

  • Cloud and web based supplier collaboration
  • Mobility
  • Increased efficiency through workflow management
  • Intuitive dashboards and alerts indicators

The Benefits

  • Reduced production and sourcing lead times and increased responsiveness to the market
  • Control throughout the entire partner ecosystem, identification of criticalities and timely reaction
  • Optimized used of internal resources
  • Reduced transportation costs
  • Efficient Quality Control